Smart Location Technology

Introducing Smart Location Search Technology - our proprietary GIS technology that combines knowledge graph, conversational search and artificial intelligence to better understand search queries and to deliver relevant location-based results. Unlike traditional directory search, it is developed with the ability to process natural language queries, allowing users to search similar to how they might ask a human-being.

Examples of Queries
- Find OCBC ATMs near Hougang Mall
- Locations of Starbucks Cafes In Jurong
- Show Me The Address of Singtel ICT Pte Ltd
- Where Are The Restaurants In Orchard Rd
- I Need To Find Toilets In Sengkang

Key Features
Our Smart Location Search technology helps users find the nearest point of interests, compute in-depth population statistics, demographic analysis, property market trend analysis and access travelling directions in real-time. Combined with a clean and sleek U.I design, YourSingaporeMap makes it easier for users to access location-based information anytime and anywhere, on their smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.